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Aawful Friends: The Future is Now Vol.1

Aawful Friends: The Future is Now, opens Friday, May 5, 6-9 pm in Zygote's Gallery. Aawful Friends: The Future is Now postulates a future where art created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and traditionally made art are in conflict. The setting for this group show is a dystopian future version of Cleveland, Ohio. The city has been left in ruins, ravaged by a mysterious force, and the remaining citizens are ruled by an evil group of tyrants who keep the populace under control using AI.

Featuring the work of several local artists in a range of media including painting, sculpture, and digital art, this exhibition explores the impact that new technology has had on the creative process. A powerful commentary on the future of art and the potential conflict between AI and human creativity, Aawful Friends: The Future is Now, examines the role of AI in today’s society, and its potential misuse in the future.

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